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Our Maine Coon cattery is designed to give our kittens the best start to life possible, treating them as part of our family to acclimatize them best for living with people and families.

With the right facilities and the right care, we’re proud to breed and care for cats that are great with kids and well-behaved, all so you can get the Maine Coon kitten that can find its forever home with you and your loved ones.

Maine Coon Cattery

We are Royal Maine Coon Cattery, a Maine Coon kitten breeder based out of Denver Co.

Whatever kind of registered Maine Coon kittens for sale you’re looking for, we can deliver with our dedicated breeding professionals able to help you with finding and choosing the perfect kitten for you and your family.

We treat all of our cats with the care, respect and affection they deserve, putting their needs first so that they can grow up in happy and healthy home environments.

Discover your dream Maine Coon Kitten today by getting in touch with us on by email us at Info@royalmainecoonkittens.com for more information.

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About Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coons are some of the most impressive pedigree cats out there. Large and regal-looking, they are gentle and full of character, boasting impressive intelligence. Most love to be around their humans and children, and often, they’ll get along great with other pets – though it’s always important to check first.

The distinctive look of these beautiful animals is what attracts most owners. A defined skeleton is matched by a lion-like ruff or a mane, and a long bushy tail gives them a fantastic impression. These characteristic cats are favorites for cat-lovers everywhere, making excellent additions to family homes.

As professional breeders, we take great care in ensuring that our Maine Coons have the right temperament and are raised lovingly so that they can easily adapt to any new household.

How Much Are Maine Coon Cats?

How Much Are Maine Co

If you’re considering bringing a Maine coon cat into your home, you may be wondering how much they cost. The first thing to know is that their prices will vary based on the breed. They range from under $1000 to over $2000, depending on their size. A good rule of thumb for the price range is four to six hundred dollars.

While that price range may seem high, a Maine Coon cat can easily fit into a variety of budgets. Keeping a Maine Coon isn’t cheap, but it is well worth the cost. There are also some other expenses to consider, including grooming, vaccinations, heart worm medication, and cat toys. These initial expenses can easily break the budget, but there are some ways to reduce the overall cost. You can also consider buying a more affordable litter box for your cat.